Banco De Oro Interest Rates

BDO Philippines offers personal banking products and services including bank accounts, trust and investments, loans, cards, remittance services, and insurance.

Banco De Oro Overview

BDO Interest RatesBDO Unibank, Inc or commonly referred to as just BDO or 'Banco De Oro', is one of the largest universal banks in the Philippines. Its origins are 1968 and is a member of the SM Group of Companies. It has 750 branches and 1700 ATMS across the country catering to both individual and ... read more

Banco De Oro Discussion

  • Q: Dear Sirs, I’m pleased to contact you from China, since I handle more and more business in Philippines . Can you please tell me whether I’m able to open a banking account in your bank so as to receive amounts locally paid as exemple commissions. Thank you very much for your prompt answer. Michael

    Reply Michael from Hong Kong
  • Q: Good day.. may I ask possible branch (BDO)location near Alvarado St., Binondo Manila. So, I can transact banking info. Rgards and thank you for the help.

    Reply Muhlen from Philippines
  • Q: What are the requirements for the application of a credit card?

    Reply Elinor from Melbourne, Australia
  • Q: I have 3 kids and I want know but the time deposit can u pls help me or give me same advice? How much do I need to do the time deposit? Thank you :-) :-)

    Reply Lee from Brackley, United Kingdom
  • Q: I open my acct.last 2015 at bahrain and I stop deposit it in2016, isn't ok if I continue my deposit again? Ang im stay here for another year? How can I update my acct.if it really send to my acct.? Thank you

    Reply Lee from Brackley, United Kingdom
  • Q: I am ofw here in Riyadh I want to open an account .please advise.

    Reply moises n. mijares from Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
  • Q: My daughter is in Dubai, she wanted to terminate her time deposit account due to emergency. Can we use Special Power of Attorney to terminate her time deposit account?

    Reply edgardo from Del Rosario, Philippines
  • Q: I open my account at bdo amounting to 100k. Im not sure in what category it falls.i just want to ask how much interest will it yield per annum?

    Reply Jeff from Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Banco De Oro Discussion Activity

  • BDO 1 Year Time Deposit - Deposits
    Q: kung mag time deposit po ako ng 10000 magiging magkano po yun sa isang taon thanx po

    Reply homer from Singapore, Singapore
  • BDO 1 Year Time Deposit - Deposits
    Q: I will deposit a 100k in 5 years how much the interst

    Reply Jalyn from Qatar
  • BDO 1 Year Time Deposit - Deposits
    Q: How much is the increase every month if I deposit $75,000 as a dollar time deposit? Can I withdraw the interest every month?

    Reply Aida from Lincoln, United States
  • BDO 1 Year Time Deposit - Deposits
    Q: If i have a 1 million peso, to be time deposit in 1 year how much would be the monthly interest ?

    Reply Sasaki from Japan
  • BDO 1 Year Time Deposit - Deposits
    Q: 100k for 2 years ? How much will increase ?

    Reply Doraemi from Macao
  • BDO 6 Month Time Deposit - Deposits
    Q: How to deposit my money to my own account because I don't know if have BDO here in Qatar?

    Reply Mary from Doha, Qatar
  • BDO 1 Year Time Deposit - Deposits
    Q: how much the time deposit interest of 100,000 in a year? thanks

    Reply tobe from Philippines
  • BDO Checking Account - Savings
    Q: I will how to open both saving and checking account.. How much the initial before I have a check

    Reply Liezel from Philippines
  • Savings
    Q: what is multi currency account? is this open in your bank?

    Reply aldrin from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
  • Savings
    Q: Hello, I will be investing a condo in Manila Phillpines, I would like to know if there is any banco de oro branches in Chicago Illinois, since I can't just go home to open an account at banco de oro in the Philippines, can I do online banking as alternative for me ? Your reply would be greatly appreciated, Thanks..

    Reply Laura Green from Crete, United States

Banco De Oro Reviews

  • I have to admit that I hate BDO malanday branch in front of Allied Care Hospital in Valenzuela. I usually go there around 7:30 in the morning after bringing my kids in school. I am willing to wait though because I ptefer to do it first in a day. But it says - BANKING HOURS : 8:00 AM. They would open the doors 5 - 10 mins after 8. THEY HAVE THEIR MORNING MEETINGS AT 8. can't they do it 15 mins before 8? Once opened, the tellers would fix their hairs, put on make up and use mobile phone first before calling out their clients. Also, I don't understand what is it with them that I don't feel welcome if I am just an ordinary laborer. I hate discrimination. I highly suggest that they would update their customer service skills. They are the earliest branch that opens. Most of BDOs in Valenzuela, Meycauayan and Marilao opens 8:30 and 9. But after several times going there and experience same scenario, I rather wait an hour than to be pissed that early. Anyway, I have to commend BDO SM Marilao. They improved much because of the seatings, CAM and their electronic queuing system. Although sometimes these electronic things are out for maintenance. Over all, BDOs in my area has a great service like weekend and after office hours banking but needs improvement on customer handling skills. You see, they choose who they befriend.

    Ofelia from Philippines